Louise Bourgeois, born in France in 1911, resided in New York since 1938 and is considered one of the major artists of the second half of the twentieth century. Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, and Minimalism have all been used to describe the work that she has done. However, moving from abstract geometry and organic reality, her work is hard to label under a specific artistic classification.

Using many different types of materials and shapes, Louise Bourgeois creates pieces that are based on memory, emotion, and the reactivation of childhood souvenirs, all while taking a subjective approach. Her vocabulary (both totally personal and autobiographical) seems to follow the most contemporary of practices while playing a role in influencing many other artists.
1994. Steel. 101" x 189" x 159"
Watercolor, ink, and color pencil on paper. 13 1/4" x 9 1/2"


Marble, mirrors, steel, and glass. 93" x 83" x 86"